New GST Ruling on adjustment notes plus legislative instruments on adjustment note requirements

Yesterday the Commissioner published GSTR 2013/2 ‘Goods and services tax: adjustment notes’ which replaces GSTR 2000/1 (which has now been withdrawn). A number of Legislative Instruments were also made dealing with issues relating to adjustment note requirements, being:

GSTR 2013/2 – Adjustment notes

The Ruling sets out the requirements for adjustment notes under Division 29 of the GST Act, in particular:

  • when a document is in the approved form for an adjustment note;
  • the information requirements that the Commissioner has determined under paragraph 29-75(1)(c) of the GST Act, and an explanation of how those information requirements in the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Adjustment Note Information Requirements Determination 2012 apply; and
  • when the Commissioner will treat a particular document as an adjustment note even though that document does not meet all of the adjustment note requirements under subsection 29-75(1).

Also, the Ruling includes a helpful appendix summarising the circumstances when a decreasing adjustment can be attributed without an adjustment note as determined by the Commissioner under subsection 29-20(3).

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