Edited Private Rulings – from 2008

Topics (see below)

  • Adjustments

  • Enterprise

  • GST Free – food

  • GST Free – other

  • Input Taxed supplies

  • Real Property

  • Taxable Supplies

  • Tax invoices


Creditable acquisitions


Enterprise, Registration and Turnover

Government entities

GST free – Food


GST free – Other

Going concerns

Supplies to non-residents

Child care and education

Medcal aids and appliances

Exports of goods and services

Medical and Care


Input taxed supplies – other than residential premises

Reduced credit acquisitions


Real Property

Input tax credits

Margin scheme

Retirement villages

Residential premises

New residential premises

Options and deposits

Commercial residential premises

Mortgagee sales

Taxable Supplies – general

Court orders and settlements

Tax invoices